Fashion test

Fashion test

Fashion Test

Fashion is hard to buy online – either the clothes are too expensive or don’t look sharp enough. And when you finally decide to buy some stuff and it’s delivered, the size is not right, and the service from the online website from which you bought the clothes is non-existent. Here is a guide to the best online fashion websites. In Scandinavia, we do not always have the best fashion stores, but when it comes to online shops, we are amongst the greatest.


I have chosen to make the guide as simple as possible. These are my top three, and why.


Online fashion shopping in UK

The guide consists of my choices, which are all available in Germany. Some of my international readers may not have the same options, and therefore, if the online fashion is available in only a few selected countries, it will be noted in the text. In recent times, the number of Scandinavian online stores has increased, which, I guess, is due to the fact that everybody in Scandinavia goes online and is not afraid to shop online.


Here we go:


Number 1: Zalando

My top pick at the moment is Zalando, because they do have great service and a wide selection of brands and items. Returning items is free, and they are always helpful and give good advice. Furthermore, Zalando offers a great variety of bargains, and this is perfect for an online shopper like me. I love a bargain. Go to the “Outlet” section, see what is on sale, and make a good deal. Zalando, by the way, is German but part-owned by Germans and Danes.


Second: ASOS

Here, I’ve got to go for ASOS. They are newcomers and just great. They started in ASOS and have never looked back. The concept is clear: good, accessible clothes at a reasonable price, and if you don’t like it – send it back. What is not to like? Great website design, by the way, and people that know me know that I am a sucker for that kind of thing.


Third: YOOX – love the fancy stuff

Yoox is the king of high-end clothes. The web shop has been online for ever and is one of the greatest fashion web shops, although not the greatest. The reason why I love the website? Fancy clothes at affordable prices. Yoox is Italian and a billion € business today. It bought Net-e-Porter, and I think its headquarters are in London now (used to be Bologna, Italy). The reason why Yoox is not the greatest web shop online is that the clothes are some of the word’s leading brands and very expensive, even with prices that are considerably lower than in the stores. I can’t afford it all the time J