Free casino bonus codes

Free casino bonus codes

Free casino bonus codes

An Internet casino bonus code is what often makes it easier and, in many cases, brings the odds in your favour if you are able to quit the game in time. See our list of the most popular online casinos and their bonus codes, if any.


Casino Bonus Wager demandBonus code
Unibet Casino100% up to €200Between 25x and 250x depending on the casino game“Top-Bonuscode”
Paf Casino200 Free spins30x the bonus“Maxbook”
Bet365 casino100% casino bonus up to £100Between 30x and 300x depending on the casino game“No bonus code necessary”
William Hill100% casino bonus up to £30030x“No bonus code necessary” except for Sports book “F20”

How to activate an online bonus code?

Here is how to activate the bonus and use the Internet bonus code:

  1. Choose a casino.
  2. Click the link from this website.
  3. Register.
  4. Remember to write the casino bonus code if necessary, when signing up.
  5. Make a deposit.
  6. Receive the bonus.
  7. Start playing and fulfil the wager demand.
  8. Remember to stop in time.


What is a free casino bonus code?

A free casino bonus code is a marketing tool for the online casinos which is designed to attract new players to the online casino. Originally, bonus codes were designed for offline promotion, but today, more and more online casinos use bonus codes in order to attract players. A bonus code is not always necessary in order to receive the announced bonus, but it may help ensure that you receive the right bonus on the casinos that tend to have more than one possible bonus from which to choose.

The competition in online casinos

The reason why Internet casinos are so popular is the increasing competition. It is easy to start an online casino and even a good one. Therefore, casinos must differentiate from each other, and one way to do that is through bonus codes. When you evaluate an online casino bonus you should consider the type of bonus (welcome code, first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, a cash back bonus, a payment form bonus or a high roller bonus) and the wager demand, which is the number of times you need to wager the bonus before being able to withdraw your potential winning. A good online casino bonus has only a low wager demand, if any. It might also be a no deposit bonus, in which case it is often connected to a relatively high wager demand.

Which free casino bonus code should I use?

Well, see the list above. If we should highlight one free casino bonus code, it would be the Unibet casino bonus, where you, as a resident in UK, get a 100% deposit bonus up to €100 on the first deposit when the Unibet casino Bonus code is used. When signing up to the Unibet casino, you should use the Unibet Bonus code ”XXXX”. Alternatively, Paf Casino is a very good and safe alternative; the slot machines may not include as many famous brands but are just as much fun.