Payday loans

Payday loans

Welcome to the world of payday loans, quick loans or private loans. The loans are called many things, but whatever the name, they are pretty much the same – loans that need to be paid back. And payday loans are loans that you need to have an idea of how to pay back, otherwise they become very expensive.

Payday loans online

Quidie·       Loan up to £300

·       APR/ Annual cost (%)* = 423

Sunny·       Loan up to £2,500

·       APR/ Annual cost (%)* =563·       Loan between £200 and £800

·       APR/ Annual cost (%)*=940

Trusted Quid·       Loan up to £500

·       APR/ Annual cost (%)*=1,213

Note: * Example lending £1.000 for two months (Please visit the lenders website before signing up).


Payday loans are, more often than not, loans that you sign up for online and are quite easy to get. The loans are for smaller amounts and tend to have quite high interest rates. Therefore, it is important that you have a strategy for paying back the loan within a reasonable time, otherwise the loans simply get too expensive.

Here we have gathered some of the largest online payday loan providers. There are many others, some ok and some not so good, but these on the list have been on the market for some time and are an acceptable size. The market is full of small loan sites, many of which are actually owned by larger providers of payday loans, but some are pretty small and new, and we prefer the larger brands.


Payday loans

Payday loans UK

All over Europe, the situation is almost the same. A lot of large banks enter the payday loans DE market and fight for market share with smaller brands, which are often local brands. The market is big enough for both kinds of payday loan lenders as it is, but in the long run, hopefully the market will be more transparent in terms of securing interest rates for the people that take out payday loans.

Payday lenders

The payday loan market is characterized by a lot of very small players. This does not mean that the market is full of scams but that many different players are in the market. But the funny thing about this very divided market is that the market is not as divided as some people might think since many of the online payday loan companies are actually white-label brands lending out money for the larger brands but taking care to market only themselves.

Payday app

Some of the largest payday loan lenders offer a Payday app, which enables you to take a loan using your smartphone. This is a little bit dangerous since this invention has made it much easier to take a loan, maybe too easy. The apps can be downloaded from your local app provider, i.e., ITunes or Google Play. The apps are easy to get and make the whole thing much easier, but remember, lending money is not supposed to be fun but serious business.