Supersaver discount code

Supersaver discount code

Supersaver discount code = No code needed – Use one of our links below

Supersaver is one of the largest travel discount websites online. It is NOT necessary to use a discount code in order to get access to the many great offers that Supersaver offers to its visitors. Use one of the links on this website and get access to a world of great offers with Supersaver.

What is Supersaver?

With Supersaver, you can find all kinds of cheap flights and hotels at reasonable prices, which is the result of more than 650 deals between Supersaver and different airlines from all over the world.

How does Supersaver work?

Like other websites that help you find and compare different flight and hotel prices from various travel websites, Supersaver identifies and compares the best offers out there.

All you have to do, in order to screen the market for the cheapest flight tickets and hotel reservations, is to:

  1. Step 1) Choose a departure date and return date for the trip, and enter your city of departure and your destination in the search field.
  2. Step 2) Press “Search flight”.
  3. Step 3) Choose the suggestion that suits you the best.
  4. Step 4) Supersaver will transfer you to the best airline or travel website available, and you can make your purchase.

Why Supersaver?

First and foremost, Supersaver provides customers with an overview of the travel options on a given date and gives you an idea of the possibilities that you have. Furthermore, Supersaver tries to help you save money. Supersaver searches more than 3.500 flights all over the world and helps you find a hotel room from more than 240.000 hotels all over the world.

Furthermore, Supersaver is a member of IATA and other travel organizations such as Svenska Resegruppen, Rejsegarantifonden and OY SRG Finland AB that help with travel insurance and compensate customers if flights are cancelled for whatever reason.

Beside flight tickets, what does Supersaver offer?

Flights have always been the starting point for Supersaver, but in recent years, hotel bookings and car rental have been add-ons to the Supersaver offering.

Does Supersaver have any hidden booking fees?

With Supersaver, there are no extra booking fees. This is due to the fact that you do not book your ticket with Supersaver. Supersaver helps you obtain the necessary overview of the possibilities that you have, but the actual tickets are bought directly from the airline or the travel agent – therefore, no extra fee.

In what countries does Supersaver operate?
Supersaver is available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia and the Netherlands.

Who owns Supersaver?

Supersaver is a part of the Swedish ETRAVEL Corporation, which sends more than 300.000 travellers abroad every year. Supersaver is in the same class as other big travel websites such as Seat24 Travel AB.


What is the difference between Supersaver and Supersavertravel, as the website is called in some countries? Really not much, actually. It is the same company. Supersaver is called Supersavertravel in Sweden and the UK and Supersaver in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Supersavertravel Coupon

In order to attract customers, companies offer discount codes that will help you save money. Supersaver does that as well, and depending on where you live, this code will be called a Supersaver coupon or Supersaver discount code, or a Supersavertravel coupon or Supersavertravel discount code. No matter what, it is always good to screen the market for the best offer possible since you might save some money. And as you know, this website is dedicated to saving you money.

Supersaver hotels

If you need to stay in a hotel on your vacation, you can use Supersaver as well. Supersaver offers an easily understood guide to many of the world’s finest hotels. All you need to do is write the name of your destination, preferred hotel or favorited tourist attraction and the dates when you need a hotel, and Supersaver will help you screen the market. When you have found the right hotel, press the link and follow the instructions.

Supersaver Barcelona

One of the major destinations for European tourists is Barcelona. The city has everything – a nice climate, great shopping, affordable prices and world-class soccer. Beside all this, Barcelona has a rich cultural history, with world-class artists like the painter, Miró. The famous architect, Gaudí, created squares and fantastic buildings in Barcelona, just waiting to be adored. Barcelona is modernism, cubism and surrealism at their best. Barcelona also has its own Picasso museum, or Museu Picasso as it is called down there, which is most definitely worth a visit.

Supersaver screens the market for the best deals available and helps you all the way to booking your dream vacation to Barcelona. And if you need a car as well as a hotel, you can order that with Supersaver, too.

FC Barcelona tickets

If you want to go and watch the iconic FC Barcelona, it is always a good idea to buy the tickets in advance. Remember that the experience is unique and so, too, can be the price of the tickets. You can buy the tickets directly from FC Barcelona’s website, but the website tends to offer you VIP tickets that cost a fortune. You can also buy tickets from one of the many ticket couriers around, but remember that the prices are high there, too. The best way to get tickets at a reasonable price is probably to have friends in Barcelona who know their way around to secure cheap tickets, but not everybody – us included – has those.