Unibet review

Unibet review

The Unibet review in short:

  • Security: excellent
  • Deposit/Withdrawal: excellent
  • Live betting: very good
  • Unibet betting: excellent
  • Unibet casino: very good
  • Unibet poker: good
  • Unibet offer: very good
  • Customer service: good
  • Unibet bonus code: excellent.


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The verdict:

Our Unibet review headline – Unibet is one of our favourites online casinos. The software works, and Unibet’s status as a global company, represented on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and servicing millions of clients, makes it one of the safest choices online. Furthermore, the odds are some of the most favourable for British customers when it comes to betting.


  • Security: Excellent

When you are depositing funds to a website, security is the most important thing. Can you trust them with your money? With Unibet, it is our firm belief that you can. The company is on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has millions of customers, which is normally a sign of approval. In this Unibet review, we rank this to be the most important element, and here Unibet are excellent.


  • Deposit/withdrawal: Excellent

An important element of betting at a provider of sports betting, casino and poker action is that it must be easy to deposit and, not least, withdraw funds to and from your bank account. Here again, Unibet is great. There is no problem depositing or withdrawing funds. Nice and easy.


  • Live betting: Very good

One of the advantages of playing at one of the large providers of sports betting is that Unibet has one of the greatest online live betting sections around. The odds at Unibet are high and are updated every minute. It is second to only one large bookmaker online.


  • Unibet betting: Excellent

The Unibet betting section is one of the best around. The odds are among the highest offered by any of the big bookmakers around, and with Nordic DNA, the betting opportunities in the Nordic soccer leagues and ice hockey leagues are great. Soccer is king at Unibet, but you can get tennis and other kinds of sports action at Unibet as well. In relation to our overall Unibet review, betting action is very positive.


  • Unibet casino: Very good

The Unibet casino is also great. The software is provided by the best in the market, and odds and security are great. A good place to spin the dice or slot wheels or whatever.


  • Unibet poker: good

This is one of the less strong parts of Unibet. The Unibet poker section is good, actually really good, but compared to the largest providers in the market, it is not as strong. Therefore, our Unibet review ends up with a “Good” ranking for the Unibet poker section.


  • Unibet offers: Very good

The Unibet offers and Unibet promotions are very good. Great bonuses and fair wager demands. There are now the craziest bonuses on the market, but taking the Unibet product overall, the Unibet promotions are “Very Good”.


  • Customer service: Good

Here we only go for “Good”. There is nothing wrong with the Unibet customer service, but we have seen better elsewhere, and therefore the Unibet review ends up with a “Good” in relation to customer service.


  • Unibet bonus code: Excellent.

Unibet offers Unibet bonus codes, and they help you get the best possible Unibet bonus. The current codes: Unibet bonus code (betting/poker) – ” Top-Bonuscode”; Unibet bonus code (casino) – ” Topcasino-Bonuscode”.

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Unibet Review